Business growth and expansion

The Global Sales House, part of the Protosell Group, supports fast growing companies entering and expanding in Northern Europe. We see ourselves as a strategic partner dedicated to contribute to our clients´ top and bottom line scaling.

"Breaking the code of scaling"

Global Sales House’s foundation is based upon 20+ years of operational sales experience with proven proprietary methodology and execution. 

We have a strong rooting in Sweden and Scandinavia with a substantial network of C-level decision makers and organisations in a vast range of industries. Following our clients’ needs we are offering our operations to several Northern and Western European markets.

Webinar with Nordea and NWO

Nordea webinar

Global Sales House is proud to present the upcoming webinar with our partner NWO and Nordea. Johan Trocmé (Head of Thematic Analysis at Nordea) and Miroslav Dimitrow (CCO at will discuss the next steps for e-commerce after the pandemic and share the latest macro trends combined with insights on how to decode the upcoming fast-growing micro trends. Sign up here: Join

Global sales house

Karolina Brorsson and András Gosztonyi 

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