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Do you want to get the full potential of your co – workers, by increasing their efficiency in the sales process? 

Then our courses at Protosell Academy is the right way to go. The course composition has evolved from thousands of dialogues, customer meetings, conversations, evaluations, optimazing results and focusing on giving you the ideal set-up for training your team. 


Our range of courses can either be adjusted for your operation or for your team to attend an open class course.

Course: Sales with  Smartbound Marketing

How can you increase sales throw multi-channel tactics? We want to stay agnostic to inbound and outbound marketing and will dig into what it really is. And how you can make better results by choosing smart ways of approaching the market. On the course Smartbound Marketing you will get a solid overview of tactics within social selling, marketing automation and account-based marketing and to pair with human interactions – all to reach your goals.

Course: Winning prospecting and meetings

How much can you gain on getting more skills in prospecting?

In our most popular course, we mix theory with practical tactics and will teach you the latest trends in prospecting and sales, and how you can with ease use the digital arena to be more successful.

We promise you results already during the course in form of new business possibilities and leads.

COURSE: Results with culture and passion

What is your inner passion to make a result beyond the norm?

In the course we lead you through the basic driving forces, and how you understand in what context you find yourself the perfect motivation to reach your goals.  The course contains self-reflecting exercises, where your comfort zone will be challenged, and you will learn to communicate from purpose-driven angles.

We have the best courses when you want your business to grow and your staff to succeed. Education is the answer. When a company educates their staff things happend. So sign up now.


Course: Successful sales

Make changes to make a big difference! In our full day course, you will learn  remarkable sales strategies, with battles to fight – and which you must win. 

Course: Sales with customer support

In what ways do customer services need to be adapted today with regards to digitalization? In this course you will learn how customer support can become more sales orientated. Hands on tips and methods for your team to understand when the time is right to suggest another product or service. This course is especially designed  for a customer service team. The purpose is to strengthen the abilities to be a customer developer rather than a passive order receiver. 

Which knowledge & education will boost your sales?

Winning prospecting and meetings

Results with culture and passion

Successful sales

Sell with Smartbound Marketing

A more sales-oriented customer support

We will be happy to adapt your sales education to what your team needs. Contact us to learn more. 

sales academy

Karolina Brorsson who is CEO at Protosell is a experienced speaker and educator.

High quality courses

All of our courses are of high quality and are specialized for increasing sales, optimizing results and get your business the best outcome possible from our courses. 

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