Make a career at Protosell

You should have fun at work. Every day. We know that excellent results comes from motivated co-workers. And motivation comes from engagement, participation and well-being.It might sound like we brag, but we have the best team in the world. Welcome to our team, we are like one big happy family. We grow together, laugh together, and support each other. Just like one big family. Were always looking for new talents. Contact us today  .

Were always looking for new talents. Contact us today.

Why become a Pro?


  • Wonderful colleagues – our colleagues are just not just driven Pro´s in their field. They are nice, considerate and fun to work with.

  • Constant development 

    Our gameplan are in constant developmenr. Therefore we als a team need to be in constant development for the future. It really means that we are testing and learning new things every day. Sharing our knowledge with booth clients and fellow colleagues. 

  • Awesome clients

    If you want to work with variously projects and well-thought-of brands you come to the right place. You don´t have to choose between, you will get booth!

  • Consideration and warmth

    Is our culture at Protosell. We lift each other up daily. And support each other whenever we need to.

With our 20 years of experience of helping and guiding companies to accelerate sales.

Throughout the years we have helped clients to develop their sales driven dialogue. Where the digital and human aspects work together to reach results in booth short and long term. Working at the Swedish and international market, we are 50 co-workers with various language competence and cultural competence at a high level. In a daily basis we book successful meetings and perform digital marketing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. It´s simple really: We at Protosell help our clients to accelerate their sales with tactics and performance. When you can focus on building relations and developing business growth with the right organisation something magical happens. A magic called growth. A measurable growth who gives an average ROI at 14 x the investment.