At Protosell, we value the well-being and engagement of our employees, which we believe results in excellent work. We foster a supportive and collaborative environment, where we grow and succeed together. We understand the importance of enjoying our work and strive to cultivate a team that laughs and inspires each other. If you are interested in becoming part of our dedicated team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are actively seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team who share our passion for achieving success and making a difference in our industry.

Open career positions:

Come join us at Protosell.
As a team-member you will:

• Receive ongoing training and education
Get personalized coaching to improve your professional skills
As a consultant, working with famous and respected brands within tech, automobile, and finance industry
Get great compensation and possibility to increase your salary
Be a part of a world class team, either onsite or virtually where we always support each other
In our team, there are good opportunities for you to grow

Some of the assignments you will have:

• Set up meetings with decisionmakers and the company you are representing, through phonecalls, social media (LinkedIn) and/or e-mail
Conduct interviews and mappings for different companies
Invite and promote to webinar and events
Inform about new products and services to designated target groups

Personal skills we are looking for:

• Great communication skills 
Winner’s attitude when working
Good in writing and speaking
Tech-savvy meaning you should be comfortable with the computer 
Appreciate both structure and creativity
Eager to learn new skills and ways to work

Send in your personal letter and resume below and we will get back to you as soon as possible 

We are looking forward to connecting with you

About Protosell:

Our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results is what sets our team to truly go above and beyond all days and since 24 years. Protosell AB is a world-class sales and marketing agency based in Sweden, with over 20 years of experience in helping businesses succeed in the Nordic market. Our innovative solutions, extensive expertise, and strategic approach have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for companies looking to expand their reach and maximize their revenue. For many years, we have been assigned the highest credit rating, been nominated regional “Entrepreneurs of the Year” and have been appointed as a sustainable growing company. 

At Protosell, you are surrounded by inspiring and driven people – our team is based both in several places in Europe, and our headquarters are in Ängelholm, Sweden. 


 We would love to hear from you. Leave your name and mail below together with your resume.

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