Protosell has both collaborations and partners. Here you can read more about them.

Global Sales House, a part of the Protosell Group, supports fast-growing companies that are entering and expanding in northern Europe. We see ourselves as a strategic partner dedicated to contributing to our customers’ top and result scaling. Our slogan is ”Breaking the code of scaling”
Visit our website Global Sales House.

Piranha is a mobile application designed to make car photography as intuitive and simple as possible. As today’s mobile cameras are of very high quality, you also get images equal to those taken with compact cameras. Piranha allows you to take Photos, 360 ° Spin, 360 ° Interior photos and capture videos – all with the same app. If you want to provide your potential customers with full transparency and show the vehicles in detail – both interior and exterior – Piranha is your solution. Visit our site Piranha – Octopus tools – automotive imagery solutions.

The American Chamber Of Commerce is one of our collaborations. And on April 26 at 16:00 (CET) we have a webinar held by the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and Protosell. There we will talk about market entry and market expansion from the US to Sweden.

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