Our B2B Services

Connecting good people with good business

Our different B2B services is something we carefully put together to deliver the best results for our customers. We focused on certain areas as appointment booking, digital services, updated business data and much more. We can offer you a flexibility where we can go in and complement existing operation. Use one or several services, or combine. What ever you choose our focus is on increasing customers sales and make topresults.

Leading in appointment booking

Our dedicated coworkers increase your sales from Italy to Sweden – this is our secret sauce

Our teams are professionals

Our team are handpicked to every project. We work close together to deliver topresults – this is also a secret ingredient in our sauce

Creative and new thinking

Our sales and marketing teams are: hungry entrepreneurs, analytics nerds, stratgy thinking consultants, marketers and graphic designers – this is not a secret 

our passion
B2B services - A part of a dream to help customers
Great customer experience is our heart

Our focus is clear: at Protosell we help our customers with tactics and execution to accelerate their sales. For many years, we have been assigned the highest credit rating, been named regional “Entrepreneurs of the Year” and have been appointed as a sustainable growing company. 

Increase sales - our focus

Our specialization in operational resources and optimization in both sales, marketing and educations. Has developed through the year. This by building both team and execution planes to help companies get in touch with their buyers who has a need for the their services or products.

Do you want to accelerate your sales?

Together we  help you with your challenges, big or small. Get in touch with us, together we look at what our services can do for your company.

Dedicated coworkers

Focus on high quality

We can grow your business

High performing methods for the selection work

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