Piranha is a mobile application designed to make car photography as intuitive and simple as possible. As today’s mobile cameras are of very high quality, you also get images that are equal to those taken with compact cameras. Based on your wishes, the photographer is instructed on how many photos to take and from what angles. All this happens in real time and also gives the photographer feedback if the image is not good enough for publication. The images are then automatically forwarded for the editing process.

The Piranha app

The Piranha app automates the process and helps you save both money and time. From photography to editing and finally distribution to your sales channels.

  • Select a product – The number of images, resolution and the desired background are already predefined.
  • Enter registration number, scan VIN, barcodes or QR codes to create an identification for the image.
  • Take pictures – The application helps the photographer to take the right pictures from the right angles through our ghost picture and gyro control.
  • Transfer photos – All photos for a specific vehicle are collected and sent according to your wishes.

The final result is made available to you via a download link, our website or integrations with existing solutions.