With the help of Protosell, we found the right time in our customers journey. And they have taken the load of some work we otherwise wouldn´t had time for.

Klas Ljungdahl, Areamanager, Volvofinans
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Protosell has booked quality meetings for us, we have met the right people at the right company. We also appreciate the process and communication itself. It is digitized with Protosell's Sales Development Representatives booking all our meetings directly into our calendars, and we can also access all our communications in Protosell's customer portal. This means that communication is has an internal feel although it is external and our own salespeople have been able to attend our customer meetings, well informed and ready.

Mats Nyberg
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Dib Hotel
We have been able to scale our business and fill sales periods in a completely different way than if we had to focus on both being out and meeting potential customers and calling and booking quality meetings ourselves in-house. We have booked great meetings since the very beginning of Protosell's work and we have exciting leads in the pipeline that are most likely to lead to business soon.

Gustaf Bären CCO, Dib Hotel
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Sofigate –  A pioneer in Business Technology

We taked to Björn Olofsson, who is Sweden´s CEO  in the expansive occupation and tells about Sofigates growth journey and how he workes with Protosell during the years. 

Volvofinans – A smarter car and transportation economy

Theese days customers build there cars on-line and therefor Volvofinans moved there offers there. We want to help retail to exhibit a really good offer to customers.  

Trippus- we help you to create smooth events event

Our challenge has been to make our salesdepartment so effective as possible. It´s a challenge to make cold calls, it demands a focus and a different technic than a field sales..

Dib Hotel – A rising star who challenges the travelling business

DibHotel is in a expansive fase, whos challenge been time and resurces to book meeting with new customers in the pace they wished for. 

Nu ska jag skriva. Skriva gör jag nu. Dock. Ändå. För det första. Jag ska äta nu. Fastän. För att visa. I enlighet med. Tills. Kom vi springer. Detta leder till. Allt som allt. Annars. Det vill säga. För all del. Ifall Oavsett. Först. Efter ett tag. Därför ska jag nu gå och äta. För att inte säga vad jag gör nu. Ikväll ska jag äta. För att poängtera. Å andra sidan vill jag idag gå ut. Däremot. Tack vare detta är jag nu trött. Exakt som. Tydligen. Målet är att. Viktigt att inse.