We have the best customers in the world!

We are very proud of our customers, and we figure you might want to hear their stories and results from hiring the Protosell-team. We love to share their stories. 


Volvofinans - A smarter car and transportation economy

Claes tells us about the digital customer journey and how Volvofinans is contributing to it. Volvofinans is aiming for the most modern customer offering.


Sofigate -  A pioneer in Business Technology

We talked to Björn Olofsson, CEO in Sweden.
Björn tells us about Sofigate’s growth journey and his experience of working with Protosell all throughout the years.

Trippus - helping to create smooth events

Trippus tells us about their journey to make the sales department as efficient as possible, and challenges prospecting methods and tactics.

DibHotel kundcase

Dib Hotel - A rising star who challenges the travelling business

DibHotel is in an expansive phase, whose challenge been time and resources to schedule appointments with new prospective customers in the pace they wished for. 

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