From Iceland to Sweden

Testimonial by our colleague Arny Björk Sigurdardottir

On October 12th, 2020 I packed my bags in Iceland and headed towards Gothenburg, after a spontaneous decision to start a new life.

I jumped right into uncertainty, not having a single idea of what awaited me in Sweden. However, I had a gut feeling that exciting opportunities would come my way.

After hardly having settled down, within 2 weeks of arriving, I saw an exciting advertisement from an intriguing company looking for an Icelandic representative. This company is of course Protosell. My background fit the description, as I have vast experience with B2B, production and business management and, also from running my own companies. 


Arny Björk Sigurdardottir and Joachim Svensson
in front of the Icelandic flag.

I decided to apply, and I can safely say that it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I became a member of a very ambitious, innovative and professional team, which is making a shift in the way business services are applied, on a global scale.

From the moment I started working for Protosell, I felt appreciated and valued by everyone I came in contact with. Despite working remotely at the time, my first contacts, Joachim Svensson and Jonas Bertilsson made me feel like a member of the family right away. 

I started following Protosell more closely on social media and I was fascinated by how all of the Protosellers were encouraging, supporting and, praising each other. 

I was so impressed by the company culture and the Protosell team, that I decided to move from Gothenburg to a whole new city, Ängelholm, so I could work in the office and be surrounded by inspiration and joy every day. I had the warmest welcome anyone could ask for. They helped me find an amazing apartment, Lina Rosberg – one of my colleagues helped me to move in, and I was even greeted by the Icelandic flag on my first day. I got to work more closely with my colleagues, who have guided me every step of the way when onboarding new projects. The entire Protosell team is a collection of talented, ambitious and last but not least; incredibly kind and generous people.

The projects I work on are many-sided and each project is a whole new learning experience. I am always included when we are initiating and kicking off new projects, my opinions are valued and I always feel that my input really matters.

I am now officially a proud member of the Protosellers, on a new and exciting journey towards the future of a global, cultural change in the way we do business. 

Arny Björk_Joachim Svensson

Joachim Svensson welcomes Arny to our office in Ängelholm.

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