One-to-one meeting is
more exclusive than ever

Booking meeting

We have choosen to specialize in the channels who gives the best visibility together with traditional meetings booking B2B. You can very simple choose between one or more methods too boost your message before the contact with your desired customer. We can help with campaigns in the rights channels so you don’t have to involve other departments at your company.

We make sure that happens with:

  • Hand-picked teams with the right knowledge, cultural and linguistic competence
  • Dedicated and exclusive team to book your meetings
  • Solid industry knowledge in many areas
  • Experienced Sales Representatives
  • Communicators with deep understanding about your target group
  • Close cooperation between your sales team and our experts in opening the right doors
  • Customer Success Manager who initiates, evaluates and optimizes the project.

Why our customers choose Protosell:

  • We know which companies currently have needs for your products
  • We make sure that your calendars are filled with qualified appointments
  • We advise which message will trigger your customers, right now
  • We provide a ”state of the art inside sales process”
  • We conduct digital optimization of set appointments.
  • We can provide you with suitable package deals both digital and traditional

Let your sales team do what they do best – Get in one-to-one meetings with customers.

Why do our customers succed?

We are very proud of our employeers. When their sales persons can focus on developing business, and don’t have to be slowed down by finding the right person to contact. Something magical things happens, a magic thats called growth. A measurable growth that gives our customers a average ROI at 14 times the investment. You can read about the customer who reached 1000 the investment with our bookings.

77% of B2B companies thinks personal meetings is the most important saleschannel

How our customers succed

Succesfull booking isen’t a selfplaying piano, it requires constant optimazation booth in message and targeted group. We have 2oo of Scandinavia and Germanys most succesfull companies as our pleased customers. They are happy to tell about the outcoming of the meeting we book for them. We believe in human relations and long term businessrelations. Probably that why 84 % of our assigners have hired us for five or more years.