The one-to-one meeting is
more exclusive than ever

We make sure that your most desired customer is interested in meeting you and do everything possible to ensure that the set meeting is of first-class quality. We do this through our experienced sales team, solid segmentation work, calendar optimization and confirmation routines.

Get the secret formula; we have, for 20 years, been able to find the secret formula of the most successful customer appointments. The answer is a dedicated team that opens the right doors for you and your sales team.

Let your sales team do what they do best – Get in one-to-one meetings with customers.

We make sure that happens with:
  • Hand-picked teams with the right knowledge, cultural and linguistic competence
  • Dedicated and exclusive team to book your meetings
  • Solid industry knowledge in many areas
  • Experienced Sales Representatives
  • Communicators with deep understanding about your target group
  • Close cooperation between your sales team and our experts in opening the right doors
  • Customer Success Manager who initiates, evaluates and optimizes the project.
Why our customers choose Protosell:
  • We know which companies currently have needs for your products
  • We make sure that your calendars are filled with qualified appointments
  • We advise which message will trigger your customers, right now
  • We provide a “state of the art inside sales process”
  • We conduct digital optimization of set appointments.