If you perform web demos or webinars as a structured part of your sales process, we can help you book participants.

You will lower your travel expenses and streamline the working hours of your sales force.


You will decrease carbon dioxide emissions, which can contribute to your CSR strategy.


You will be perceived as proactive and modern by your prospective customers, through your digital sales methods.


With us, you will have your own devoted sales team, whose purpose is to help you accelerate your sales. We make sure to assign the right people with the appropriate experience, in order to allow things to take off as soon as possible. These individuals undergoes suitable training in order to learn everything essential about your operations. Together with you, we also develop a concept and prepare the planning for you, so that it will be exactly the way you want it. Then, we conduct a systematic approach of your chosen target group, in a customized database we have created for you in our CRM system. We believe that good communication is a prerequisite in order to succeed, and will therefore keep you up to speed regarding the process at all times, in as much detail as you wish. Via our appreciated portal solution you can also monitor the process continuously, and also see the outcome of conducted campaigns, via our quality assurance system. Our long experience of the market also means we make sure to monitor the logistics of the project, including everything from systematic planning of travel routes to routines for reminders, in order for the meetings to be as successful as possible. We always follow up on the outcome of performed activities.


 Send us an email or call us directly and you will get an answer right away about how we are able to help your company.

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