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Company: Autoropa

Name: Natalie Ibron, Project manager at the marketing department

Services purchased from ProToSell: Seminar support, appointmentbooking

Outcome: ”We have been working with ProToSell to invite important customers to our events, and for enabling getting in contact with important people who are not yet aware of our interesting events. The work done by ProToSell has given us the benefits of making sure we reach all our targeted prospects, where our focus has been to give a VIP-experience with detailed information about the event.”

Why ProToSell: ”Our dedicated team at ProToSell are well set up and informed about all our car models and coming launches, which means they can give our clients and future clients adequate information, and screen level of interest with each person and, when suitable, offer test-drives for any of our specific brands.”

Who are Autoropa? Autoropa was founded 83 years ago, and is an exclusive reseller for some of the most exclusive car brands in the world, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and McLaren.

Natalie Ibron

Project manager at the marketing department, Autoropa


Company: Microsoft

Name: Annika Ferlin, Partner Channel Marketing Manager

Services purchased from ProToSell: Appointment setting, seminar support and market research.

Outcome: ”Most of all, our partnership with ProToSell has helped us in our efforts to get more customers to discover our cloud services and what modern IT implies. Amongst other things, ProToSell scheduled over 1,200 appointments for our partners last year.”

Why ProToSell: ”We have been working together with ProToSell for a long time. ProToSell possesses a vast knowledge about, and understanding of, our customers and our portfolio. Furthermore, I like the fact that ProToSell has transparent procedures as well as great tools where we can follow how the efforts are coming along in real time.”

Who are Microsoft? Microsoft (NASDAQ ”MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform- and productivity company for a mobile-first-cloud-first-world and it is the mission of Microsoft to provide each person and each organization with the tools to achieve more at any given moment. Amongst other things, the Company has developed the operating system Microsoft Windows and the office suite Microsoft Office. The Company has over 100,000 employees, of which approximately 500 are located in Sweden.

Annika Ferlin

Partner Channel Marketing Manager, Microsoft


Company: IT-hantverkarna, part of Dustin

Name: Sofia Lundberg, Marketing Manager

Services purchased from ProToSell: Appointment booking

Outcome: ”We are very satisfied with our partnership with ProToSell. At the latest estimate, ROI was seven times the amount invested.”

Why ProToSell: ”ProToSell are attentive and easy to work with. The whole process – from the moment your order a service until you get across the finish line – is very smooth.”

Who are IT-hantverkarna? IT-Hantverkarna Sverige AB begun their operations in January 2004. The business idea of IT-Hantverkarna ”IT-assistance for smaller companies at a professional price” means that IT-Hantverkarna offers a basic range of services and products to solve the most common IT issues of smaller companies. IT-Hantverkarna is a national-wide chain and is, as of July 2012, also a part of the Dustin group.

Sofia Lundberg

Marketing Manager, IT-hantverkarna, part of Dustin


Company: Bilia Skaraborg

Name: Robert Bloom, Regiondirektör

Service from Protosell: Appointmentbooking to support sales of cars

Outcome:  ”Thanks to ProToSell, we have managed to close deals with customers, which we have tried to approach ourselves. ProToSell has clearly overperformed, and have exceeded our highly set expectations.”

Why we hired Protosell: ”We appreiciate ProToSell’s ambition to truly understand our business. Their professional preparation leads us to qualified appointments with wellinformed customers.”

Who are Bilia? Bilia is Scandinavias largest car reseller with 97 establishments. The company sells and offer service for new cars and commercial vehicles from Volvo, Renault etc. The vision is to become and to be the best service company , for example by providing an easy car ownership and high availability. www.bilia.se

Robert Bloom

Regiondirektör, Bilia Skaraborg


Company: Andréasson PR

Name: Petter Andréasson, CEO

Services purchased from ProToSell: Appointment booking

Outcome: ”We have worked with ProToSell for over 10 years, and we will continue to do so.”

Why ProToSell: ”They have provided us with plenty of great and qualified appointments which have led to tangible deals, both minor and major. When asked by us, they have also taken a comprehensive approach to our sales process and they provide valuable support from the beginning to the end. I can definitely recommend ProToSell as a partner.”

Who are Andréasson PR? Andréasson Public Relations offers qualified communication services with marketing PR, Investor Relations and Public Affairs. Our strength is a committed and results-oriented team that always focuses on the customers’ overall communication strategy and business needs.

Petter Andréasson

CEO, Andréasson PR


Company: Altran

Name: Magnus Skebäck, Division director

Services purchased from ProToSell: Appointment setting in Sweden and Norway. Booking participants for seminars, as well as analysis services.

Outcome:”We are very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to our partnership with ProToSell we have obtained a large number of new customers and signed framework agreements in major procurement processes.”

Why ProToSell:”We like ProToSell’s approach and commitment. You definitely get the feeling that you are working together, as partners. We have regular check-ups with the team, and receive valuable feedback which we can use in our sales efforts.”

Who are Altran?: Altran is a global leader within innovation and high-tech R&D. Altran is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of intranets and co-operation solutions on Microsoft SharePoint. With 24,000 employees, Altran offers leading solutions for the working methods of the future.

Magnus Skebäck

Division director, Altran


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