We have a vast knowledge over a number of industries, with specialized teams. Below you will find some examples.


For a while, the IT industry has been faced with exciting challenges when it comes to transforming its way of selling and packaging deals. We are happy that we have had the opportunity to successfully be a part of that process, and to help the industry succeed with sales.

We have had the privilege to help companies within the IT-sector since 2004, and have teams who are working committedly for several of the market leaders within the IT industry, and who understand the difference between communicating products and services.

We possess lots of experience when it comes to helping both manufacturers, distributors and retailers/IT consultancy firms. We are convinced that this mix of customers gives us an even greater understanding of how local conditions matter.


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Most consultancy firms base their sales process on relationship sales. Our uniqueness is largely based on our vast knowledge of supporting relationship sales, where the personal meeting is often a prerequisite for developing the sales process.

We possess proven experience of helping businesses within the auditing industry, management consultants, recruitment firms, legal firms and advertisement and PR agencies, to name a few examples.

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Digitalization puts forth new requirements as to how we work with sales, but the personal meeting is still crucial. We have great experience when it comes to identifying business opportunities within passenger cars, transport vehicles, as well as financial and operational leasing. We know how important it is to get in touch with the right decision maker, and are willing to work flexibly if the prospects want to meet in their offices or in the showroom.

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How Bilia increased their sales with ProToSell


Regardless if you need help to identify customers who need capital in order to develop their business, or if you sell outsourcing of economic functions – we have the competencies and experience.

We know the importance of a strong portfolio, and being able to clearly differentiate yourself from the pack in the existing tough competition.

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In order to be able to successfully trade with merchandise and related services, an effective and organized sales organisation is required.

We help many leading wholesale businesses to establish a relationship with potential customers, and to develop the relationship with existing customers – often through scheduled customer appointments and seminars or events.


Many businesses within the construction and facility industry have, in recent years, discovered the great potential of working in a structured and proactive manner with their sales.

Here are some examples of businesses that we offer support to:

  • Waste management companies offering waste management and training services
  • Prospecting and canvassing for companies within rental of construction and facility equipment
  • Wholesale companies within the construction and facility industry


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