…is a kind of breakthrough, a chance for a new start and a promise of future opportunities. It might be a good time now to think about what you want to accomplish in the fall and what it takes to achieve your business goals.

We have collected five essential tips to kickstart the autumn season: Boost your business and strive for the highest place with ProToSell

  1. What is your driving force and passion in your work? Do the exercise to formulate the true meaning of your work, and what in your duties that fills you with passion. Your true passion shows when your enthusiasm for the subject or task is persistent, and does not turn off after a few weeks or months. And just like the car needs fuel to drive, you need professional things that drive you and give you energy. These driving forces differ from person to person. No matter what your driving forces are, it’s important that you are aware of these. They affect your wellbeing both privately and at work. Once you become aware of your driving forces, you also get information about what tasks that brings out your full potential. By picking up your inner driving force, you’ll be both more productive and credible to your environment . Everyone wants to work around people who genuinely like what they do.
  2. Get inspired. In order to boost others, you need to collect energy and inspiration. Dig into industry news and sign yourself up for interesting event. Make sure to schedule job-related events in your calendar that will energize you.
  3. Challenge your goals. How well are your metrics syncronized with the vision? Try challenging how you measure yourself (and your team if you are a decision maker). Make sure to make the KPI’s both measurable and concrete – and write them down. Many have the false idea that the goals need to be documented in high-pitched presentations, but most importantly, is that it’s actually being formulated in a document. And … what you write down becomes more real.Read a great article here about how to use KPI’s to implement your strategy..
  4. Take the chance to use deadlines to celebrate successes. To create the optimum commitment and motivation, a clear time frame is essential. Perhaps you need to formulate intermediate goals to work towards during the journey? Also read this article on how to work with strategic deadlines.
  5. Put on some good tunes. Listening to music releases positive emotions and reduces the cortisol stress hormone. Here is the ultimate playlist to make you moving for the autumn..

Let’s go!

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