Karolina Wallin Brorsson is CEO at Protosell, a multiply  Gasell-company and are strongly involved in  questions about future sales and entrepreneurship.  

Karolina is also  chairman of board in Fin Tech-company Modern Car Group, together with Edtech-company StudyBee, and commissioner and member in Nyföretagarcentrum Skåne Nordväst and Styrelseakademien Skåne. And a menber of council in Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren and a menber in European Parliament of Enterprises.

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Karolina gråskala

Karolina Wallin Brorsson


The arena for sales and marketing is changing at a dramatic rate. In order to grow successfully, both the sales and marketing department need to cooperate towards achieving the same goals. That’s where our services make a difference – We combine tactics and implementation for the best sales-driven marketing activities, both to accelerate the sales and strengthen the brand. Always with measurable results in focus.

Säales - our focus

With 20 years of experience helping companies and organisations accelerate their sales, Protosell has taken a central role in the customers’ development of their sales-driven dialogue, where the traditional and digital methods cooperate to achieve ROI as well as long-term relationships.

We are actively present in both Nordic and international markets. Our team of 50 employees with both linguistic and cultural competence connects your business with the right clients to increase your growth. Our team of successful individuals operate in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

20 years of insights

With new markets in sight.

Our mission is to help our customers to increase their sales, through both digital and traditional methods. Where sales and marketing go hand in hand.

It’s simple really: We at Protosell help our customers with tactics and implementation to accelerate sales.

Customer service is our heart

At Protosell we help our customers with tactics and implementation to accelerate sales.

For many years, we have the highest credit rating, been named the “Business Entrepreneurs of the Year” and have been appointed as a sustainable growing company.

Protosell is based in Ängelholm in the beautiful south west coast of Sweden and have local presence in the cities of Gothenburg and Stockholm. We currently have around 50 employees with varying expertise, and we operate in the Nordic and German markets, with people who have a native proficiency of the local languages. Our customers act across a number of industries and markets. Read more about our customers here.

Welcome to the world of Protosell where good relationships are the secret formula for excellent results!

Karolina Wallin Brorsson
CEO Protosell AB